A beginners guide to Silver Bullion

A beginners guide to Silver Bullion

UKBullion’s guide to a beginners guide to Silver Bullion.

The element of Silver is represented by the chemical symbol Ag for its Latin name Argentum and has seen use throughout the history of Humankind. In ancient Egypt silver was actually more highly valued than Gold but this situation is reversed today. The name Silver, as is more commonly used, is derived from the Germanic language family and translates roughly as shiny or grey depending on the original spelling.

Like its more illustrious precious metal counterpart Gold, Silver is another product classified as Bullion when seen in Bulk. Silver however does not have all of the same intrinsic value as Gold. Firstly it is far more readily available than Gold and is both easier to extract from the ground and easier to refine. Because of this it has a far lower value on commodity markets despite its multitude of uses.

Silver, like Gold has a number of uses in technological applications as well as in jewellery and currency. Silver has the highest thermal conductivity of all known elements and finds use in solar panels. It also has the highest reflective index of precious metals used in coinage, so much so that a mirror of polished silver can reflect up to 95% of the incoming light back. Silver has been found to have strong disinfecting properties, killing bacteria that come into contact with it by attacking the cell wall structure and preventing immunity from forming.

Silver stocks are currently in decline worldwide due to demand far outstripping supply as more and more applications are found for this precious element. It is estimated that over 80% of the total Silver ever mined has been used in one application or another leading to the depletion of stocks faster than they can be replenished by mining.

Some analysts see the price of Silver rising in the years to come as stocks dwindle and investors seek to release the metal stored in bullion form for other uses. A number of these Silver bullion products are available including bars, coins and rounds. The potential advantage for you, the investor or collector is the far lower level of capital required to make an investment in Silver bullion and when coupled with long term growth forecasts it may make an attractive investment option. You can see our range of Silver Bullion products. This is not intended as financial advice however and the day stocks are depleted may still be many years away. You should always consult with an independent financial adviser before making any investment decisions and only invest what you can comfortably afford.

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