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The newly released Black Bull of Clarence is the latest edition in the Royal Mint’s series of commemorative gold coins known as The Queen’s Beasts. This coin represents a fantastic opportunity for gold investors and coin collectors to buy gold bullion coins and expand their gold investment portfolio.

The series itself commemorates 10 original statues that were present at the Queen’s coronation back in 1953. Chosen for their historic value to the Queen’s ancestors, they act as a symbolic bedrock for the Queen’s long reign. Here’s everything you need to know about the series and how to get your hands on the latest edition today.

The Queen’s Beasts Gold Coins

There were 10 original Queen’s Beast statues present at the Queen’s coronation, all of which still exist to this day. Each stood at an impressive six feet high, and featured an important royal symbol from British history. The Lion of England and the Red Dragon of Wales are among the best known of these symbols.

You’ll have to travel quite far to see them, however, as they’ve since been given to the Canadian Museum of History, which is based in Quebec.

Luckily, the Royal Mint’s collection of commemorative gold coins is just about the next best thing. First released in variants of both gold coins and silver coins, more recent editions have also been minted in platinum.

The New Queen’s Beast: The Black Bull of Clarence

The Black Bull of Clarence is the fifth edition of the Queen’s Beast commemorative gold coin series, and brings us exactly halfway through the 10 beasts. Released just a few weeks ago, the coin’s image represents a far lesser-known place in British monarchical history than its earlier predecessors.

The black bull was first used as a royal symbol towards the latter half of the 15th Century, when King Edward VI ascended to the throne. The first of the Yorkist monarchs, and an early figure in the famous Wars of the Roses, he chose the black bull as a personal symbol, which endured through future generations.

Nobody quite knows why black bull didn’t rise in prominence in the same way as the English Lion, but it certainly constituted enough of an important royal symbol to be included as one of the 10 Queen’s Beasts in 1953.

Buy gold bullion coins from the whole range

The best thing about buying commemorative gold coins is the opportunity to build an entire collection. And with a further five coins yet to be released, there’s no better time to start than right now. If you’re looking to buy gold bullion coins, whether from the Queen’s Beast range or elsewhere – you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve got a diverse range on offer.

The Black Bull of Clarence

The latest coin in the Queen’s Beasts collection is available to those looking to buy gold online on our website, as a 1oz gold coin of 99.99 per cent purity.

The Unicorn of Scotland

The previous edition of the series, the Unicorn of Scotland was released in November 2017 and commemorates Scotland’s national emblem. The mythical creature has represented Scotland as far back as the 1100s, and has been an important part of the national identity ever since.

The Unicorn of Scotland gold coin is available in the same specifications as the Black Bull of Clarence. In addition to this, there is also a 2oz silver coin available. The 2oz Queen’s Beast silver coins are particularly notable as they are the first Royal Mint coins to be minted from two troy ounces of fine silver.

The Red Dragon of Wales

The Red Dragon of Wales is said to have descended through Welsh history and folklore as far back as King Arthur. We’ll probably never really know how true that is, but it’s definitely become important enough a symbol of Wales since then to earn its place in this series.

The Red Dragon of Wales is also available as a 1oz gold coin and a 2oz silver coin.

The Griffin of Edward III

A symbol of vigilance, strength and courage, the griffin was first used as a royal symbol by Edward III, who ruled England for much of the 14th Century between 1327 and 1377. The Queen’s Beast gold coin collection also features a 2oz silver coin and a 1oz gold coin.

The Lion of England

Perhaps the most well-known British mascot, it was of course the Lion of England that first started the Queen’s Beast series back in March 2016.

Like the later editions of the series, our website where you can buy gold online features the 1oz gold coin and 2oz silver coin variants. As well as this, we also have a 10oz silver coin available – one of the largest coins minted by the Royal Mint.

Buy gold bullion coins from UKBullion

As well as the Queen’s Beast selection, we have a wide range of different commemorative gold coins from the Royal Mint available on our website.

Featuring gold Sovereigns, gold Britannias, and even authentic historic coins dating from the reign of Queen Victoria – we’ve certainly got a wide range of potential to get your gold coin collection going on the right foot.

Stay tuned to our gold blog and our full range of commemorative gold coins to get more exciting updates about new gold coins and developments in the gold market.

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