Buying Bullion At A Low Premium

Buying Bullion At A Low Premium

Bullion coins are typically used as a store of wealth rather than as a collectable piece. This is because they are minted to the same standards as coins intended for circulation, i.e. without the same high focus on detailing and artistry as proof and brilliant uncirculated coins. This is by no means to say that a bullion coin will look bad; there is just more focus on the intrinsic value rather than achieving a higher spot price for the aesthetics.

Gold bullion coins have an advantage over proof and brilliant uncirculated ones in that they can be minted far more efficiently. They are usually struck at a rate of around 250 per hour meaning they can be made available without such a large premium to cover the manufacturing cost. This in turn means they can be purchased as a store of wealth for quite a low cost.

A big advantage of choosing to purchase bullion is the tax exemptions. Gold bullion is exempt from VAT so there are no additional fees to worry about. On top of this you won’t incur capital gains tax when you buy British coins like the Britannia and Sovereign or Lunar coins. Both of these things reduce the cost of storing your wealth in this manner.

If you would like to view a fantastic collection of bullion coins and want to be able to buy them securely online from a reliable supplier, we are perfect for you. On our website you’ll find coins in various weights, purities and styles so you can find exactly the piece you are looking for. If you are searching for a specific coin, even if it is a rare collectable, we will endeavour to find it for you.

We obtain the vast majority of our products direct from mints around the world to ensure they are the best possible quality. Investors can purchase in bulk from us and enjoy fantastic discounts. Alongside our coins, you can also buy gold bars and other forms of bullion from our simple online shop, and we can provide secure storage solutions too.


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