Focus On: The 2017 Silver Britannia Coin

Focus On: The 2017 Silver Britannia Coin

The Royal Mint has launched a new 2017 silver Britannia coin minted from .999 purity silver. The .999 purity level was first introduced with the 2013 coin, which pushed it up from the previous mandatory purity level of .958 in a bid to maintain quality in line with silver bullion coins from the rest of the world’s big mints.

The history of the silver Britannia coin

The historic .958 purity was set in 1697 with a Parliament’s Act signed by William III. At that time, there was a high demand for quality silverware that was used as a means of promoting one’s wealth.

Due to this, the practice of clipping and melting coins became a serious problem for the Crown who, along with increasing the mandatory purity levels from .925, also fashioned milled coins which could not be clipped.

This advancement in the production of coins also provoked the change in design that saw the female character of Britannia replace the lion passant guardant.

Featuring on every British monarch’s coinage since the 17th century, Britannia is the female embodiment of Britain and an unforgettable, iconic symbol of the pride of British people.

Designed by sculptor Philip Nathan and first produced in 1987, the silver Britannia we know today celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

Silver bullion coins for investors

While they’re both popular precious metals with investors, silver is a different beast from gold, with high levels of instability in the markets. But there are still plenty of interesting opportunities for investors. Keeping a close eye on the silver live spot price is an obvious starting place if you’re looking to make profits on your silver purchase and later sale.

But remember, to ensure you’re silver bullion coins are a sound investment, it is wise to buy coins made by a manufacturer with a strong history of bullion production. The British Royal Mint is one such producer.

Manufactured in the UK by The Royal Mint, the silver Britannia is commonly regarded as one of the best silver bullion coins on the market. As a Capital Gains Tax-free investment, it is particularly popular amongst UK investors.

Silver bullion coins for collectors

A popular product amongst collectors, silver bullion coins are some of the most sought-after coins in the world. As well as the value they carry due to their precious metal content, they’re also attractive items that display true craftsmanship and enthusiasts seek them out in all of their various designs and editions.

Struck from .958 Britannia silver (according to the historic standard set in 1697 by William III) the 2012 silver Britannia, which is no longer in production, is the last available in the old purity.

Now an alluring coin for collectors, the 2012 silver Britannia coin is available from the UK Bullion while stocks last. Containing one troy ounce of silver, it features the standing Britannia figure on the back.

UK Bullion also stock the latest 2017 silver Britannia coins. Shop now for real-time pricing at competitive rates.

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