Fully secured offshore storage for silver

Keeping your investments or collectables secure is absolutely crucial. However, keeping them at home may not be the best option unless you have extensive security options in place, which can cost a fortune. Likewise, insuring your investments or collectables can cost you a substantial amount of money. That is why most people looking to store gold or silver turn towards vaulted storage, which offers comprehensive and thorough security for a relatively small cost. If you buy silver or other bullion from us, we can offer you fully secured, offshore vaulted storage.

We offer phenomenal value in concerns to vaulted storage for silver. We can also provide you with a variety of different silver products, perfect for an investor or collector. Our clients can purchase Emirates silver bars, with a fineness of 999.0, or a number of different coins. These include the American 1 ounce Silver Eagle from 2014, the Australian 1 ounce Silver Crocodile from 2014, the Canadian 1 ounce Silver Bald Eagle from 2014 or the Canadian 1 ounce Silver Maple 2014 coin. The coins are supplied in Monster boxes, which store stores 20 tubes of 25 coins, making for a total of 500 coins.

Your silver will be vaulted in Dubai, meaning that you do not have to pay any VAT on it, unlike in the UK where these investments are subjected to 20% VAT. You can be completely assured that all of our vaults are completely safe for your investment. They are constantly guarded and fully insured, meaning that you don’t have to worry about losing money in the rare case that theft occurs. You can hold the silver for as long as you want in the vault and can sell it back to us at 98% of the current spot price at any time you wish.

Silver bars and coins make for great investments and collectibles. For those looking to buy silver, these Monster boxes and bars are a great choice, subject to help from a financial advisor. You can be completely assured that our vaulted security in Dubai will keep your silver safe.


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