Gift of Giving – Three Wise Men

Gift of Giving – Three Wise Men

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It is the month of December when one of the most popular times of the year is celebrated. The festive holiday that is Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ which falls annually on the 25th December. Most commonly celebrated by Christians, there are many ways in which the festive period is celebrated. As many of you may know the Christmas season for most cultures ends on the Epiphany, which happens 12 days after Christmas on the 6th January.

The gift of giving

‘Tis the season to be jolly and ‘tis the season to pass on that joy with the gift of giving. With the festive day soon approaching it can all seem quite hectic choosing the right gift for a loved one. If you are stuck for gift ideas, just use the example set by the Three Wise Men and the gifts they came bearing for Jesus Christ. It is often mentioned that one of the gifts presented to Jesus was gold; so why not carry on the tradition? Not only is gold a valuable investment, many believe there is also a spiritual meaning behind the gift symbolising kingship on earth.

Who were the Three Wise Men?

In many households during this festive time, you will be able to find many different variations of the nativity scene. With Jesus in the manger, Mary and Joseph looking on adoringly, there are often three well-dressed men stood in the background. Even though it may seem so these three men are not just innocent bystanders. They are more popularly known as the Three Wise Men and the story of how they came to be at the stable where Jesus was born is often told over the Christmas period. It is not actually stated how many wise men visited Jesus however, due to many depictions in art and the fact that three gifts have always been mentioned, it has become popular culture that there were Three Wise Men.

From reading the story in the bible to singing about them in the popular Christmas carol ‘We Three Kings’, the wise men have quite an important role in the early years of Jesus’ life. The story begins after God appeared to the men in a dream where it was explained that Jesus was the one who will eventually go on to save humanity. The men then travelled by following the star of Bethlehem to honour Jesus Christ and present him with three gifts; gold, frankincense, and myrrh. It is also due to the dream, (which led the men to Jesus), that they were also able to pre-warn Mary & Joseph that King Herod had plans to massacre all new-borns in order to stay on the throne.

Why are they called the Three Wise Men?

Even though they are more popularly known as the Three Wise Men they are often referred to as The Magi. The word magi, plural to the Latin word magus, taken from the Greek word mágos, is said to be a term used regarding those who follow Zoroastrianism or to denote followers of the Zoroastrian astrologer-priests, which historians claim the Three Wise Men were rather than kings. The more common usage of the word magus is magician or sorcerer. A slight derivation of the meaning is still being used in the modern-day English language in the form of the word magic. Just like the Three Wise Men you could be spreading that same magical feeling when giving gifts to loved ones, so make it extra special by gifting the precious metal that is gold.

The Three Wise Men in popular culture.

Without the story of the Three Wise Men it is possible that we would not have the tradition of gift giving during the Christmas period as we know today. Many people look forward to receiving and giving gifts during the festive period. In Spanish culture, they celebrate Christmas more so on the Epiphany, by celebrating the day the Three Wise Men visited Jesus Christ as being far more important. Rather than writing to Santa they will write to the Three Wise Men asking for their presents and will leave their freshly shined shoes under the Christmas tree to be filled with gifts.

In southern parts of India, on the day of the epiphany, families will come together and celebrate by cooking a sweet rice porridge called Pongal. While they call the Epiphany the Three Kings Festival, this day is celebrated as the end of the advent/Christmas period and will be marked by removing the cribs and nativity sets they have set up in their homes.

During the Christmas season of Christmas Eve to the Epiphany, in many cultures a cake is baked known more commonly as a King Cake or the Three Kings Cake. A tradition which started approximately 300 years ago using a French style bread dough with a hidden surprise or figurine inside. The cake is very popular with the French, the Spanish and the Swiss amongst other countries. In New Orleans, the cake is traditionally decorated in the colours purple (symbolising justice), green (symbolising faith) and gold (symbolising power).

So why should you gift gold?

PAMP Cross Gold Bar

With the colour gold used to symbolise power, the purchasing of gold is also seen as a good safe investment, suitable for diversifying a portfolio and guarding against risk, so why not pass on this investment to a loved one. Just as the Three Wise Men gifted gold to Jesus Christ, the gifting of gold is an acknowledgment of royalty. To acknowledge someone with gold is to display true adoration and respect. It is noted that the many properties of gold make it an ideal material to present to gods, it’s shine, durability, how sacred it is, all qualities which can be associated with divinity.

With a widespread range, UKBullion offers a variety of unique pieces that all can appreciate as a gift during this festive season. One of the current favourite bullion brands and one of the best-known brands in the world is PAMP. When gifting gold, it is only right to choose good quality, and this is what we aim to achieve. All PAMP bars are made from 999.9 fine gold. We are currently offering great savings on bars ranging from as small as 1 gram to 100 grams. Without having to follow a star to collect this gift, all items are delivered securely to any address in the UK. We take care with every product we handle and we aim to make sure that every parcel is wrapped securely and safely to prevent disappointment. So why not give a gift that keeps on giving…







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