The importance of using a reputable bullion provider

Bullion can potentially be a great way to invest money, but you need to know that you’re buying high quality, legitimate items at the right prices if you want your investments to benefit you in the future and act as a safe haven for your finances. It is crucial to use reputable sources to purchase your products from. This way, you will be assured that you’re paying the right price for the right product, and that you are making the best decisions when you buy silver, gold, platinum or other precious metals as an investment.

We are renowned as a reliable bullion supplier, and are authorised retailers of many top brands. When you buy silver, gold or any other item from us, you can be certain you are always purchasing fully certified, genuine, high quality items. However, if have existing coins or bullion that you suspect may not be genuine, there are a few tell tale signs to look out for.

The weight should help you decide whether it is legitimate, especially if you’re buying gold. Gold is one of the world’s heaviest and densest metals, with platinum, tungsten and radium being the only materials that are heavier. Should a coin feel far too light, it may be supplemented with a copper core. Precious metals are not magnetic, so a giveaway that you are dealing with a false coin is if it is attracted to a magnet.

When buying bullion, your objective should be to purchase it at the lowest price on the spot. It’s not recommended to buy bullion with home shopping channels, as it will probably come with a premium. The products may come with a fancy presentation case, but it’s important to assess the quality of the bullion before you commit, and this method of buying may not be worth the risk. In addition, you should also be careful with private transactions involving individuals. If something were to go wrong with the transaction, how do you know it will be resolved? Reputable companies and dealers offer the only truly safe way to buy silver and gold. Take a look at our full selection of items if you are thinking about investing and you can rest assured you will receive only the very best products and services.

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