Make money from your old jewellery

It is probably fair to say that we all have some unwanted jewellery lying around somewhere. Many people have necklaces, rings and bracelets hiding away in boxes and drawers when they could be easily converted into cash. Selling your jewellery to us is simple and offers you fantastic financial benefits. We buy gold items of all types and we can even pay up to 100% of the spot price.

We will purchase any gold jewellery that is not hallmarked and free from damage. We will also buy coins, bullion bars and dental gold. Selling to us is simple, and we always ensure that every transaction is processed swiftly and efficiently.

Our estimation service could not be easier. Our convenient live price calculator enables you to obtain a price guide for your particular items, and if the price you receive is agreeable to you, the next step is simply to complete our convenient online form. You will receive a confirmation email and we will contact you with an offer price when we receive your packaged products. Upon your acceptance of our offer, you will usually receive your payment within two hours.

Along with our convenient gold buying service, we have an extensive collection of fantastic gold products for sale and we have something to offer every kind of customer. The enduring appeal of gold is its luxurious appearance. Whether you want to treat someone to an exquisite item of jewellery or a uniquely stylish gift, we can help. If you really want to say it with flowers, a golden gift in a box is the perfect choice. A gold rose or carnation offers a dazzling flower that will stand the test of time and makes a great investment for the future. For the card game players, there is no better way to impress than with our incredible luxury decks. Each deck consists of gold leaf plated cards that are sure to make the strongest of statements. Our pure gold dice make the perfect addition to your game or serve as a lavish accessory.

Our range of items from lighters to investment bars offers an exciting collection of golden gifts. Every product is delivered free of charge and concealed in neutral packages for security. Each product is safely packaged and each gold item comes with a certificate of authenticity. We are one of the UK’s largest bullion dealers and we offer a reliable and trusted service to every customer wishing to sell or buy gold.

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