New Silver Bullion Coin Launched by Canadian Mint

Those who are fond of collecting gold and silver bullion coins had new reason to get excited recently as the Royal Canadian Mint released a new silver bullion coin with a bald eagle design. The eagle depicted on the coin can be seen holding a fish as it takes flight. The reverse side of the coin displays an image of Queen Elizabeth II. Many collectors and industry experts have already been quick to praise the creation of the coin and it looks set to sell well.

The coin contains one-ounce of 99.99% pure silver and is the second to be produced by the Canadian Mint within the ‘Birds of Prey’ theme. Two more are set to be unveiled, bringing the total number of coins in the collection to four. The Royal Canadian Mint are well-known for their continued creation of high-quality, high-purity bullion coins which are collected by investors all around the world.

Emily Damstra is the Canadian illustrator who was tasked with creating the design. Damstra is most well-known for her distinctive natural science illustrations. Only one million of the coins have been made by the Royal Canadian Mint, all of which have the signature bullion finish which is typical of the Canadian Mint. There is also a numismatic version of which there are only 7,500 available.

The first silver bullion coin in this set of four was designed with a Peregrine Falcon display and was released in February of this year. One million copies of this coin were also made and they have already come close to selling out. It is unclear when the third will be released but it seems safe to assume that the popularity of this series of silver bullion coins will not decrease as interest continues to be aroused.

The Royal Canadian Mint is the official organisation responsible for minting and distributing all of the bullion coins in circulation in Canada. It is also known to be one of the biggest mints in the entire world and their products are bought on a large-scale internationally. They also boast a world-class refinery as well as certified storage vaults. The vaults, as with the bullion, are not available directly to individuals but can be enjoyed through separate business to business accounts when products are purchased from affiliates. The Royal Canadian Mint are also known for their top quality analysis labs which determine the purity of a wide selection of precious metals. 


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