PAMP bullion offers excellent quality

PAMP is one of the best known bullion brands in the world, with a fantastic reputation in gold, silver and other precious metal markets. They have been operating in Switzerland since 1977, proudly running their own refinery and fabrication facilities to ensure they make high quality products. Their innovations have revolutionised the bullion industry and helped them achieve a 50% market share for the last two decades in gold bars weighing 100 grams or less.

As well as their great products, PAMP has also taken great steps to improve sustainability. All of their factory processes are designed to ensure they adhere to the highest environmental regulations. The Swiss standards in this field are amongst the highest in the world and their disciplined, responsible approach has ensured they meet all of them. The carbon footprint and environmental impact of all operations are monitored and closely managed to keep them within acceptable levels.

If you’re looking to buy gold bullion as a compact store of wealth you’ll no doubt have come across the PAMP brand. Their products are highly regarded because they are produced with care using quality precious metals. They are also completely documented and certified, particularly when you purchase from the Fortuna range. When you buy any type of bullion you should always check the quality and ensure you are buying from a reliable dealer.

We have a sale on the PAMP products at the moment, offering great savings on bars ranging from as small as 1 gram to 100 grams. Each one comes completely certified direct from the manufacture. You can buy gold from us online and have it delivered securely to any address in the UK. We take care with every product we handle and even try to leave the original dust jackets on to help them maintain the shine from when they are freshly made.

All of the PAMP gold bars are made from 999.9 fine gold. They need to be handled and stored carefully to avoid damaging them as this purity of gold is also the softest. You can choose them as a reliable store of wealth and buy securely from us with complete confidence.


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