Our most prestigious gold bars

When it comes to making an investment, many people choose to buy gold bars due to the great potential it offers to make a profit in the future. Some people choose to purchase gold items as they make for fascinating collectibles that can easily be passed down a family for generations. We have a wide range of gold bars, gathered from top manufacturers around the world.

For those who are looking to make major investments, we have several gold bars that are available to purchase via phone order only. Our most valuable gold bars supplied by Umicore include bars that weigh 250 grams, 500 grams and 1 kilogram, each with a fineness of 999.9. No VAT is payable on these products. As with all our gold bars, each one comes with a certificate of authenticity, letting you know that they are genuine as well as informing you in regards as to the number of the gold bar that you are receiving. These gold bars are embossed with Umicore’s logo, as well as their weight and fineness.

We also stock investment grade gold bars from Metalor, available in weights of 250 grams, 500 grams and 1 kilogram. The certificates certify and clarify the weight and fineness of the gold, as well as their certification number. Each bar comes with a fineness of 999.9 and is stamped with their serial number and the Metalor logo. All of these gold bars can be stored safely using our secure vaulted storage option. This is particularly useful if you are purchasing the bars as an investment.

It is a good idea to get professional financial advice before committing to one of these purchases as an investment. They can also make extremely valuable collectibles, widely sought after by collectors who want to add the finishing touches to their collection. If you are looking to buy gold bars as an investment for the future, we can provide you with a great service and an extensive selection, whether you want to invest just a few hundred pounds or a few thousand.

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