Where to store your gold bullion

For many people, gold is a great safe haven in a volatile investment market, giving them a way to secure their assets in a convenient manner. Bullion comes in a variety of forms but the most popular investments are bars and coins. A great thing about owning physical gold is the fact that you will always have it at hand as a tangible object, which is a factor that some people take into account if they are concerned about financial breakdown. This sets bullion apart from other types of investment such as stocks, which could see all of your savings washed away in a matter of minutes if circumstances change.

However, for gold bars and other types of bullion to truly act as a safe haven for your money, it needs proper care and attention, not to mention a safe storage location. A safe is usually the solution that people turn to, but some people are uneasy about the idea of storing their assets in their home or workplace, where they may be vulnerable to theft. If you do choose to store it in your home, it may possibly be covered by your home insurance, although you must notify the insurance company about this, which could hike up your premium.

Other investors may choose a safety deposit box with their local bank. We offer an alternative way to store your bullion which will allow you to save on the costs of delivery and also provide convenience and peace of mind for you. Our offshore storage is designed for silver and allows you to instantly save 20% UK VAT with every purchase. For gold bars and other types of bullion including silver, you can also use our UK Bullion storage which offers low rates and online control panels, helping you to keep track of your assets through the internet easily.

Both of our storage options are fully insured, secure and reduce any home security issues so there is nothing to worry about when working with us. Take a look through our reviews to see what our past and current customers have said about the level of service they have received or contact us for further assistance. We’re experienced in bullion and can help you with any questions you have about buying gold or selling.

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