The Top 5 most valuable coins in the world

The Top 5 most valuable coins in the world

Join us for our countdown of the top 5 most valuable coins in the world that probably won’t make it into your personal collection any time soon, and if you are lucky enough to already own one of these 5 coins find out where it ranks in the world of rare collectible coins.

As you would expect in the world of Bullion, where products have a dual existence as both a collectible item and as a physical investment there is competition for the most expensive coin in the world. Naturally, to be expensive a coin must also be rare.

No 5 – The One Million Dollar Maple Leaf

The fifth most valuable coin available in the world today was produced in 2007 by the Royal Canadian Mint. What makes it special is that it was the first coin in the world with a face value of $1Million. Each coin is made up of 100 kg of 99.99% purity Gold. The coins were made to promote the Royal Canadian Mint’s new range of Gold Maple Leaf coins. Five coins have been produced to date with the last selling for a little over $4 million. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to a 100kg coin you can of course purchase one of the smaller coins which these monster coins were celebrating. We stock a range of Canadian Maple Leaf Coins to suit more modest budgets at

No 4 – The Brasher Doubloon

To find the next coin on our list of valuable coins we must travel back to 1787.
The coin in question was struck by the goldsmith Ephraim Brasher in New York. He was widely known for the quality of his work and hallmarked his own products as well as assaying other producers work. This privately minted Doubloon was produced at a time of great upheaval in the United States which still did not officially have a currency of its own following the War of Independence from the British. Examples of this particular coin have sold recently for $4.5million and $7.4 million depending entirely on the position of the hallmark.

No 3 – The 1933 Double Eagle

The next coin on our list also comes from the USA. Minted in 1933 and with a face value of $20 this coin had a short lifespan being withdrawn the very same year it was produced. Originally intended as a means of restoring confidence in the banking system during the Great Depression only 400,000 specimens were produced and most never entered circulation. Adding to the collectability the majority were melted down for other uses. It is estimated that around 15 specimens exist now with the majority being held in Fort Knox. One coin did reach auction in 2002 and sold for a little over $7.5million.

No 2 – Flowing Hair Dollar

Minted in 1794 and named for the image of Liberty with flowing hair this coin was the first struck by the United States Government as their official currency following the War of Independence. It bears many similarities in size and weight to the Spanish Real coins that had been used to this time as legal tender. With only a one year production run this coin takes second place in the most valuable and rare coins due to its historical importance and rarity. An example fetched $10million at auction in 2013.

No 1 – The 1849 Double Eagle

Finally we come to the rarest and most valuable coin in the world. Struck as a trial piece in 1849 this double eagle coin was the first to bear the $20 denomination leading to the nickname Double Eagles, a single Eagle being a $10 face value coin. Somewhat confusingly the coin bears the year 1849 although it was in fact struck in 1850. The production of this coin coincided with the California Gold rush. Only one of the two trial coins exists today and is in the possession of the National Numismatic Collections at the Smithsonian Museum. It is estimated to be worth around $20 million although it is highly unlikely to ever come to market.

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