Turn your unwanted gifts into welcome cash

When looking to give a gift we often hear people remark that you cannot go wrong with jewellery. This is, of course, not always the case. We have all at some point or another probably opened up a box to reveal an item of jewellery that is not to our taste. Most people do the same thing: they put the item away and all it does is gather dust. However, there is another solution. We buy silver, gold and other precious metals, and can help you turn all that unwanted jewellery into cash. You can receive great financial benefits from our simple and reliable service. We pay 100% of the spot price and we will always buy all jewellery that is damage and hallmark free, as well as bullion bars, coins and dental gold.

Our simple and hassle free service make the entire process easy and our valued customers return to us time and time again. You can use our convenient and easy to use estimation service, which is in place to help you make an informed decision regarding the sale of your gold and other precious metals. Our calculation feature gives you an idea of how much you are likely to receive for your items and if the price is attractive you simply need to complete our brief online form. You will then receive a solid offer via email, complete the transaction and your payment will typically be processed within a few hours. We make sure our clients incur no waiting periods, just fast and satisfactory service.

As well as the purchase of your gold products we also sell a vast collection of gold gifts, coins and bars. We have something for every occasion and experienced collector. If you are looking for a gold gift that offers timeless elegance, we are sure to have the very thing for you. From shimmering, golden floral items and gold card decks and dices to lighters and investment bars, our extensive collection is the preferred choice of our vast customer base.

You can also take advantage of our newsletter service. When you sign up you will receive a special bonus discount offer along with regular sale and discount offers. Our pricing contains no hidden extras and our account holders benefit from a speedier checkout service. If you are looking to buy gold and silver, or want to sell an unwanted item, we are the company you can always rely on.

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