The Benefits of Investing in Small Gold Bars

Widely cited as a good investment for the future and with a strong history as a financial safe haven, many investors buy gold bullion to secure their wealth against potential financial turmoil.

But while investing in gold bars generally appeals to large scale investors, more and more people are discovering the benefits of small gold bars.


Small gold bars offer easy storage

Available from one gram and up to almost any weight, many investors want to buy gold bullion because of their interest in holding a physical asset.

With our free, fully insured delivery, your small gold bars can be delivered to your home safely and securely. Storing gold safely at home gives you easy access to your investments, and buying small gold bars makes it much easier for you to protect them yourself and avoid storage costs.


Sell your small gold bars quickly

Small gold bars are an easily realisable asset; they can be sold quickly should you need to release capital. You should think ahead before you buy gold bullion and invest in the weight that suits your needs.

Investing in larger bars is a good option if you can confidently lock away that amount knowing you won’t need access to it in the near future. It will mean a smaller fashion charge (an additional charge to cover the cost of production and packaging) but large bars come with other challenges.

Larger bars are not as easy to sell, particularly if you’re looking to free up a smaller percentage of the overall value. Small gold bars, however, can be sold individually, offering you the flexibility to release the exact amount of cash you need, whilst still preserving some of the bullion you own for the future.

Selling your bullion back to us, should you need to, is a convenient and quick option and can be done in just a few simple steps.


Buy gold bullion to secure your future

The bullion market is stable and price fluctuations on a day to day basis are small. Because of this, many people buy gold bullion as a way of protecting their future wealth, seeing ownership as a long-term asset rather than a short-term risk. Gold bullion acts as a physical asset that can be stored securely and protected in emergency situations.

Many people base their decision to buy gold bullion on their individual circumstances, with investors buying when they can afford to, rather than when the market dictates.

If you’re ready to make an investment in your future, take a look at our extensive range of small gold bars now.

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