Is it Possible to Buy Gold with a Credit Card?

A common question that people have when they buy gold or silver for investment purposes is whether they are able to make their purchase online and buy gold with a credit card. That’s why we have always enabled our customers to use this payment method. However until recently we had to add on charges for the associated fees, but since 2018 we’ve changed all this and there is no longer an additional charge to buy gold with a credit card.

Read on to discover how you could benefit when you purchase your gold with a credit card today.

Can you buy gold with a credit card online?

Yes, you can buy gold bullion and gold coins with a credit card or debit card online when you choose to purchase gold bullion from us. You can buy gold, without additional charges, on your credit card since 2018 when using a personal credit card or debit card. 

Unfortunately we don’t accept payments made with business and corporate credit cards because there are higher fees associated with these payment methods that we’re simply not able to absorb at those levels.

Why buy gold with a credit card online?

When you choose to buy gold online with a credit card your payment is protected by your credit card provider, which is a major advantage when choosing to purchase gold bullion with us online.

We listened to feedback from our customers and have enabled them to buy gold with credit cards and debit cards. It’s taken some time but after considerable research, development and negotiation, our new card payment system is now live. This payment method is a lot faster and more convenient than many other options such as bank transfers.

Is my payment secure when purchasing gold with a credit card?

Yes, since we have allowed our customers to buy gold with a credit card, we wanted to ensure the security of these online payments in order to protect our customers’ identities and personal data as well as their finances of course. We have taken steps to install the latest High Grade Encryption System (AES – 256, 256 bit keys) on our website in order to help protect your personal data from being targeted by cybercriminals.

Not only that, but when you buy gold with us online using your credit or debit card, we don’t process or record any card numbers. During the online payment process, you will be moved to secure processing facilities from First Data and Secure Trading that we don’t have access to, so we cannot store or handle your personal data, ensuring a more secure transaction process.

Unfortunately, the precious metals industry can be vulnerable to cybercrime due to the high-value of our products. This is why we take security very seriously so that our customers can trust us to keep them safe from credit card fraudsters when they are using our website to complete their gold bullion transactions.

Find out more about our efforts to keep your credit card details safe.

Are there other ways to buy gold bullion?

If you prefer to buy gold without a credit card, debit card or similar payment methods, then you can also use a Faster Payment System which works with your bank transfer.

Buy gold online with a credit card today when you choose UK Bullion.


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