Are Commemorative Coins a Wise Investment Choice?

Commemorative bullion coins are those that are produced to celebrate a specific event or occasion. As an example, The Royal Mint has produced a commemorative edition of the gold Sovereign for 2017, as the coin celebrates its 200th anniversary this year.

Whilst commemorative coins typically consist of the same purity and quality as their non-commemorative counterparts, they will usually feature a special design that’s either completely new or hasn’t been used for many years. Many also carry a mark, such as a date, that represents the year or occasion they’re celebrating.

Are commemorative coins better than normal bullion coins?

It’s the unique design and memorable mint mark that leads some commemorative coins to be worth more than other bullion coins.

Whilst their value in terms of how much gold they contain will, like any other gold bullion product, depend on the live spot price of gold, some particularly keen investors and collectors may pay more for these iconic coins in the future.

If a collector is looking to complete a set, for example, or an investor has his eye on a big year coin that he feels could be even more valuable in the future, he may pay extra to acquire it, pushing up the coin’s market value. This could be especially true in the case of a coin that is rare due to either its age or limited production numbers.

Which are the best gold coins to buy in 2017?

The Royal Mint celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Gold Sovereign this year with a commemorative coin that carries an exclusive shield mint mark.

Beautifully designed and celebrated for both quality and accuracy, Sovereigns are one of the most sought-after bullion coins in the world.

The 2017 commemorative edition features a St George and the Dragon design created by Benedetto Pistrucci which represents integrity and resilience. The new shield mint mark sits below this design to signify the 200-year anniversary. On the other side is the fifth definitive portrait of Her Majesty the Queen by Jodi Clark.

Another noteworthy commemorative coin available this year is the 2017 Krugerrand, which celebrates its 50th anniversary. One of the best known bullion coins, reportedly just under 53.5 million ounces of gold has been sold in Kruggerands to date.

Best place to buy gold coins online

For those looking for the best place to buy gold coins online, we advise finding a trusted dealer with an excellent reputation.

Be sure to check their reviews and their delivery policy. Insured delivery is essential when you’re buying higher priced items and it’s important they’re using a courier that you know and trust.

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