PAMP Silver Bullion Bars Get Seal of Approval for 2020

Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux (or PAMP Suisse for short) is a one of the world’s most prestigious precious metals brands. Operating out of Ticino, Switzerland, PAMP Suisse has an extensive catalogue of products that would satisfy the needs of any savvy precious metals investor.

How do they do it, you may ask? It’s through the vast experience they’ve gained in the business of refining and producing high-end bullion and other precious metals products since 1977. Almost half a century of operations gives them that unique insight into what makes the markets work.

PAMP Suisse – the ideal choice for silver bullion bars

While much of the investment world focuses on gold when talking about precious metals, silver stealthily ascends in investor estimations. Its price displays a higher degree of price volatility, meaning that when the gold markets are rising modestly, silver can boom in value.

It’s easy to dismiss silver as being in a secular bear market, in which prices drift lower for a sustained period of time, having peaked back in the spring of 2011. Despite that, silver has been able to enjoy great gains since lockdown. PAMP Suisse is one of the best providers of high-quality silver bullion bars which continue to appreciate in value, and UK Bullion is pleased to have the latest range of PAMP silver bars in stock.

PAMP Suisse was one of the great innovators in producing small bars with decorations on the reverse side, something other precious metals manufacturers were slow to implement. Not only that, but PAMP Suisse ensures that all small bars of bullion that it produces are tightly sealed. This extra innovation adds a level of security and attention to detail to the products they sell, as we know how highly investors treasure the safety of their assets.

Silver is off to the races

Numerous central bankers and governments all over the world have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by locking down their economies for months at a time, while pumping monetary and fiscal stimulus into the economy. This is all intended to lessen the severity of the current COVID-19 recession, and as is often the case, a significant dose of stimulus has been taken as the signal investors needed to pile into risk-off assets such as gold and silver.

While economies are still reeling from the effects of lockdown to varying degrees, a risk-off approach has proved more lucrative so far in 2020. Silver prices have risen 28 per cent since Christmas 2019 in pound sterling terms. This outpaces the performance of the stock market and bonds, giving silver that special edge over other assets. The best part? Most of this price action has been in just the last two to three months.

This just goes to show why silver is such a safe bet for now. With so many unknowns around the corner (the US Presidential election for one), markets could be set for even more of a rollercoaster ride before 2020 is out. While silver lacks the new all-time highs seen in the gold markets this year, silver prices remain elevated compared to their last major low point in 2015.

When prices form bottoming patterns of this nature, it’s only a matter of time until the price starts making dynamic changes to the upside.

Investors look to PAMP Suisse for security and value

PAMP silver bullion bars get our seal of approval here at UK Bullion, for their lengthy dedication to providing bullion products to a high standard for many years. If you’re a new face in the precious metals market, small investments with bars weighing 250g to as much as 5kg are the typical range, with a particular focus on lower-weight bars as gifts, especially those weighing less than an ounce.

Starting small helps build up an appetite for precious metals investment without spending a large sum, until you’re absolutely confident to go further. The benefit of smaller bullion bars is the ease with which they can be transported safely, as well as the ease with which you can liquidate them into cash again, if you should wish to realise gains or sell bullion at some future point.

Our 2020 PAMP silver bullion collection includes an array of attractive items, including the 50g silver bar, the PAMP Faith Silver Bar series as well as the broader PAMP Suisse Collection. Both collections are especially ideal as gifts for loved ones, as they are specially engraved with a wide range of iconographies. The Faith series includes a reclining Lord Buddha, a version with the likeness of Lakshmi, as well as options for those interested in products that make use of Jewish, Christian or Muslim iconography.

The Suisse range of PAMP silver bullion bars offer more religious-themed engravings, as well as more ancient themes, including a bar bearing the likeness of Fortuna herself. Whichever silver bar you choose, the PAMP collection certainly doesn’t disappoint. Each one is specially sealed for added security, with fair prices and a number of different sizes and weights.

Why buy silver online?

While UK Bullion has a physical presence in the West Midlands, the restrictions imposed on all of us by COVID-19 precautions make an online purchase safer and more convenient for our customers. The process is simple, and we ensure free fully-insured delivery. Make sure to sign up on our website to get a free discount code on your first order, to make the most of buying silver bullion with UK Bullion today.

UK Bullion holds over 20 years’ experience in the field of providing investors and other buyers of precious metals products with high-end items from all over the world, including PAMP Suisse products. To make sure you’re buying silver at the best possible time, check out our Live Silver Spot Price chart to time a purchase today.

Call us today on 0800 090 3256 or contact us here, if you wish to discuss a silver bullion purchase with UK Bullion today.


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