Pure Gold Does Not Fear Furnace

Pure Gold Does Not Fear Furnace

A Chinese proverb that grows increasingly more relevant as time progresses. With many people talking
about near biblical downfalls of entire ecosystems with a very doomsday feel to their claims, there are others that, although not as dramatic, feel there is something to be concerned about.

There is a fear that the Eurozone problems will only worsen with many seeing Spain, Italy and France feeling pressure over the Greece bail out. This with the possible collapse of the US Dollar becoming plausible has spurred a renewed demand for Gold backed currencies. China and Russia are the forefront of this trend with China making substantial purchases of gold and their recent setup of a Gold Bullion Fund for Central

60 Countries have signed up to develop gold mining projects on what is known as the modern “Silk Road”
with their sights on an expected $2.5 trillion in trade over the next decade. The project, overseen by the SGE (Shanghai Gold Exchange) will allow member central banks much easier access to gold with the newly mined gold either being traded on the SGE or being sold directly to the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) and other central banks.

All of this is putting gold behind the Yuan in further efforts to internationalise the currency with
the aim being to increase influence on gold pricing by opening their domestic gold market to international investors. PBOC are eyeing significant targets for gold holdings that is intended to give them the stability to survive in a harsh and unstable global economy should the monetary systems of the west go into crisis and the flow of gold to the east stopped.

It is becoming increasingly more obvious that many countries are in fear of the fast approaching and unpayable debt walls with many trying to repatriate their sovereign gold. Investors may find it wise to take note of these developments and consider gold a valuable monetary asset for the near future.

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