Royal Mint Gold Coins: Own a Piece of History

Since the time of Alfred the Great, the Royal Mint has been at the heart of the British currency. On a day to day basis, they mint, manage and maintain our coins and bank notes. In 2015, they created a total of over 2 billion coins.

It’s perhaps a lesser known fact, however, that the Mint also creates a variety of commemorative gold coins, which are used for collecting and investment purposes alike.

History of The Royal Mint

The earliest version of what we’ve come to call The Royal Mint was established in 866, after the unification of the English Kingdoms. It quickly developed to become the central authority that minted and controlled the English, and later British, currency, and has remained so to this day.

After a long and turbulent history, the mint finally left its original headquarters in the Tower of London in the 1960s. As Sterling planned its move to a decimalised currency, the demands of entirely recreating the British currency required larger premises, and since then they have been based in South Wales.

Which Royal Mint gold coins to buy

After pioneering their first commemorative coins in the 1950s, the Royal Mint has built a steady collection of ranges that continue to be released today.

  • Gold Sovereigns

This range of gold coins has been released as commemorative products by the Mint since 1957. The latest gold Sovereign coins are available to buy here.

  • Gold Britannias

The Britannia series of gold coins have been minted continuously since 1987. Each coin features a different impression of the ‘Britannia’ figure, the female personification of Britain, reportedly inspired by Boudicca. They contain a troy ounce of 24 carat gold. Check out the new 2017 gold Britannia coin here.

Have a look

At UK Bullion, we have a wide range of coins made by The Royal Mint in our collection, in both gold and silver variants.

Why not have a browse through our catalogue and start collecting?

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