Sell your Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium

The recent price fall of Gold has caused a surge in demand for this and other precious metals. This increased demand appears to have stabilised the market.

At we pay* the following price per gram of precious metals:

  • £25.30 per gram for 24ct Gold
  • £0.36 per gram for fine (999) Silver
  • £25.23 per gram for fine (999) Platinum
  • £12.26 per gram for fine (999) Palladium

See how much cash** could be yours by using our price calculator for all precious metals and purities.

We buy all Gold and Silver Coins and all investment-grade Platinum and Palladium Bullion directly though our Coin and Bullion Selling service.

*Prices correct at 16:30 BST, 26th June 2013.

**Estimated prices are calculated on the spot price at the time of using our online services.

See for the latest precious metal prices.

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