The Tradition Of Gifting Gold

The Tradition Of Gifting Gold

The tradition of gifting gold spans thousands of years, with gold jewellery and gifts dating back to Ancient Greece and beyond. Fast-forward to today, and gold is still seen as the perfect gift. But what is it about gold that makes it the perfect gift?

Whether you’re looking for a gift for Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary or another special occasion, get ready to delve deeper into the reasons why gold makes the ideal gift.

The history of gifting gold

Gifting gold is something that’s ingrained in cultures throughout the world. For example, at Christmas, the story of the Nativity features a gift of gold as one of the offerings from the Three Wise Men. In Hindu mythology, it is said that the world was created from gold and Manu (the first man and author of the Sanskrit law book), decreed that gold should be worn for special occasions and celebrations such as Diwali and weddings. In China, giving gold as a gift is a Chinese New Year tradition, intended to bring good luck into the New Year.

Even in situations where real gold isn’t being presented, many traditional gift items like chocolate or perfume, will be wrapped in gold or feature gold detailing to help convey the specialness and luxury of the item.

The tradition of gifting gold has been passed down from generation to generation, and is something that reflects generosity, wealth and love.

Why gold makes the ideal gift

While there are a lot of types of gifts in the world, giving the gift of gold remains a popular choice. Some of the reasons why gold makes the ideal gift include:

It reflects generosity

Gold is a precious metal, and with only so much of it available in the world, it is incredibly valuable. To give gold as a gift, therefore, reflects generosity, and the bestowing of wealth upon others. Gold has a certain quality, and an air of luxury, so when you receive the gift of gold from someone else, it can be regarded as a big honour.

It’s a long-lasting investment

As an alternative to physical money, gold represents a long-lasting investment. While currency can fluctuate, the value of gold remains steady, which makes it a gift that helps someone think of their future. Gold bars are often given for 21st birthdays and other special occasions like weddings, where the focus is very much on embarking on a new chapter and looking ahead to a bright future.

It’s special

Gold is seen as a luxury. From gold jewellery to gold coins, gold has a reputation for being valuable and precious, making it a very special gift to receive. Unwrapping gold is a special moment to be enjoyed, and giving gold is a wonderful way to represent your love for someone and wanting to see them happy.

As it comes in many forms, giving gold is something that can be done again and again, without losing that specialness that can happen with other gifts.

It’s hard to go wrong with gold

Everyone has received at least one gift that was a little off the mark, or wasn’t what they were expecting. But when you give the gift of gold, it’s very hard to go wrong. Because of the status and value of gold, it is seen as an ideal gift to give to others, so if you’re looking for a safe and reliable choice of gift, then gold should be your choice every time.

Buying gold bars and coins as the perfect gift for any occasion

If you’ve decided to give the gift of gold, you’re making a great decision which will be sure to bring a lot of happiness to the recipient. Understanding how to buy gold and the types of gold that is available can help ensure you make the right choice for your loved one.

Gold bars are one of the most popular options for buying gold as gifts. It tends to be a lower cost per gram than buying gold coins, and can be bought in quantities from 1 gram upwards.

Gold coins make a wonderful gift due to their design and presentation, and often feature different faces that highlight their origin. Available in different weights, there are many types of gold coins to choose from.

If you’re wondering where to buy gold, then buying gold online can be a fantastic option. Gold bars and coins are sold VAT-free, and you can choose from a wide range of products, including gold produced from all over the world. Buying through a verified, secure distributor can give you confidence, and make the process much simpler.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone special, carry on the tradition of gifting gold. Explore our full selection of gold products and give the perfect gift to someone you love.



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