New Silver Britannia Coins, Sovereigns and More

Why do we love the release of new bullion coins? Aren’t they just similar variations of the same thing with no real added value on last year’s addition? Absolutely not! If you speak to any serious coin investor or collector, you’ll realise that each coin comes with so much more than just its monetary value attributed to its precious metal weight.

Whether it is heritage, design or reputation, there are many things that contribute to the excitement of a newly released bullion coin. Let’s take a closer look at the most recent coins of note that are coming to the market in the next few weeks and months.

The 2019 Silver Britannia

What’s so special about the new 2019 Silver Britannia? Well, much of its significance has to do with its relationship with British – and to a larger extent Western – history. 

As the female personification of the British Isles, Britannia has long been an iconic figure associated with coinage in Europe. This started from the Roman’s usage of her visage on bronze coins in the 1st Century AD.

This distinctive image later became associated with Britain’s strength and durability, embodying certain characteristics fundamental to the nation’s idea of Empire and global authority.

Over the years we’ve seen several alterations take place to this classic design. To highlight Britain’s maritime trade and history, Britannia was even depicted holding a trident rather than a spear, further connecting this fascinating coin to the nation’s past.

Many believe that the reason this coin in particular has stood the test of time is Britannia’s resemblance to the numerous Queens who have ruled Britain over the course of its history. To this day the monarch retains a certain amount of relevance that has since dissipated in other countries, but as the UK still holds much regard for its royals, it’s perhaps no surprise that Britannia holds a special place for us too.

Now more than ever, Britain is evaluating its role in the world and its relationship with Europe, and as this happens, the silver Britannia coin takes on a whole new meaning.

Investors and collectors will surely want to make the recent addition to the Britannia range a part of their own collections and investment portfolios in addition to other editions released over the past such as the 2018 Silver Britannia.

To explore more Britannia coins, take a look at our full range to see how this popular design has been adapted throughout years.

The 2019 UK Sovereign

First produced during the reign of King Henry VII, the Sovereign bullion coin was designed as a testament to British strength and wealth. To project an image of authority and standard across the nation and beyond, the coin adopted the title ‘sovereign’ to honour the King’s desire for his monarchy to be recognised far and wide as a symbol of prosperity.

Today, it still holds a prestigious place in the gold bullion market with associations with the highest-quality coin design and wealth.

It was only later, after England’s defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo, that the iconic symbol of St George and the Dragon became featured on the design. Still featured on today’s Sovereign coins including the recent 2019 gold Sovereign, the image designed by engraver Benedetto Pistrucci signifies unwavering bravery and loyalty as suggested by the ancient tale. 

The archetypal story of good triumphing over evil in the form of Pistrucci’s coin design, became recognised in more than 20 countries and featured on almost every Sovereign bullion coin of the 20th Century. Once known as ‘the chief coin in the world’, it still holds much intrinsic sentiment and value as a worthy investment and symbol of British heritage.

It has been argued that no other gold bullion coin comes with the same certainties of value, weight and accuracy – as it continues to be made with the same amount of attention to detail and standardisation.

We’ve got a whole range of gold bullion Sovereigns in our range including the 1902-1910 Gold Half Sovereign (King Edward VIII) and 2018 gold Sovereigns, so visit our main site to take a look. 

The Indian Mint Mark Sovereign

In order for the British Empire to distinguish between the various Royal Mints once located around the world under the umbrella of colonial dominance, gold Sovereigns were marked with a symbol to indicate the city or country of their origin.

As such, the letter “I” was stamped above bullion coins issued by the Indian Government’s Mint established in Bombay by the Royal Mint in 1918. Although initially only open for a year, it produced a considerable batch of coins.

In 2013, the Royal Mint licenced MMTC-PAMP India to produce a commemorative Sovereign in India that eventually became a big part of traditional Indian ceremonies and celebrations, such as Indian wedding ceremonies and festivals, where gold bullion Sovereigns are a highly-prized and desired gift item.

This historic coin is now one of the most popular additions to the bullion market with a unique history. To solidify its value, there is also a huge demand from Indian consumers for this coin that see more than just the market value in the item.

If you’re interested in purchasing the new 2018 Indian Mint Mark Sovereign or other sovereign coins released over the years, take a look at our full range online that also includes several coins of note from other nations that once belonged to the vast British Empire.

Your coin investment

Gold coins are the perfect way to protect yourself against potential market crises as well as add an amazing piece of history to your investment portfolio or coin collection. In addition to being a reliable long-term investment, gold bullion coins such as the gold Sovereign are globally recognised, making them a universally valued item that can be easily valued, traded or sold.

If you’re interested in these or other coins on the market today, take a look at our entire range of coins. We’ve got a fantastic selection of gold and silver coins that could make a great addition to your collection.


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