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Investors guide to the Gold market

According to research from the World Gold Council, Gold as an investment for European investors has undergone a dramatic shift in recent years. It says that demand both for Gold Bars and Coins and Gold Exchange Traded Funds (EFTs) experienced remarkable growth up until 2013, which it says initially reflected a 'flight to quality assets' prompted by the credit crunch which began in August 2007(1).

Due to the shift in the European market, The World Gold Council published a new European edition of its Investor’s guide to the Gold market, which was updated 19th December 2011, and is available as a PDF format, which can be read on your personal computer, laptop or tablet. This document is designed to be a reference guide for investors as they seek to understand and navigate the gold market.

The main features of the guide include:

  • An overview of the defining characteristics of the Gold market
  • An outline of the various aspects of demand & supply
  • A summary of how investors can buy gold or access gold-backed products
  • An outline of the tax treatment of gold in Europe

This guide may be downloaded directly from the World Gold Council's website: An investor’s guide to the Gold market (European edition).

Investors may also be interested in other literature from the World Gold Council, which also publisted Gold as a strategic asset for European Investors, a study published in December 2011.

(1) source - BBC. (2009). Timeline: Credit crunch to downturn. Available: Last accessed 3rd March 2014.