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Secure Vaulted Storage Option - FREE for 6 months from your first order*

Secure Storage is pleased to offer our Fully Insured, High Security Vaulted Storage Option for customers who prefer not to store Precious Metals at home.

Try our storage option risk-free with free storage for orders of £2,000 and above for a 6 month period starting from the date of your first order.

Simply select the Storage option at checkout and your eligible items will be transferred to the Secure Storage System.

Features of our Storage System:

Your extended UK Bullion online account clearly displays all of your stored assets together with real time values and easy to use options to request sell back or delivery to your home.

Our Secure Storage system gives our customers access to the very best professionally operated high security vaults that are usually only available to high value companies and organisations.

Every item within your Storage Account displays a Live, Real-Time value based on the constantly updating Spot Price, allowing you to have up to date information at your fingertips regarding the value of your assets.

You can submit a sell request direct from your easy-to-use online account.

Choose to have your item(s) delivered from storage at any time. Our friendly Admin Team will give you the most cost effective options for delivery and arrange everything to your satisfaction.

Your assets are fully listed together with real time values linked to the current spot price. You can always see exactly which assets you own, where they are and what they are worth.

Your assets are securely stored and fully insured with our charges starting from as little as £6 per month including VAT. There are no charges for delivering your purchases into storage.

Our Secure Storage system allows you to possess fully allocated precious metal that is your property to deal with as you wish rather than 'unallocated' or 'paper’ products linked to the price of precious metals.

Benefits of Our Storage System:

Your assets are protected in high security vaults protected by state-of-the art security and monitoring systems.

Your assets are fully insured whilst in transit and within the vault. No more worries about keeping valuable assets at home.

Because our storage provision is so well respected by insurers, we can fully insure your assets whilst including the insurance cost within our low storage charges. This is a major advantage that our system has over the use of bank safe deposit boxes and personal storage facilities where your assets are generally not insured.

Storing valuable assets at home obviously creates a risk to your home and family if the presence of those assets is discovered by a dishonest individual. Our Secure Storage system removes your assets from the home environment and eliminates this risk.

Once you consider the costs of increased insurance premiums and the installation of necessary security measures, the option to store valuable assets at home is very expensive. Reduce those costs by using our Secure Storage system for as little as £6 per month.

Our Storage Charges

Our Low Storage charges of 0.65% +VAT per annum (0.054% + VAT per calendar month) are calculated on the insured value of your items subject to a minimum of just £9 per calendar month including VAT to securely store and insure items up to a value of £13,846.

See our pricing grid below for charges relating to higher values.

Total Value of Holding Quarterly Fee Including VAT Fee per Calendar Month Including VAT
Up to £13,846 £27.00 £9.00
£20,000 £39.00 £13.00
£50,000 £97.50 £32.50
£100,000 £195.00 £65.00
£200,000 £300.00 £100.00
Over £200,000 Please call us on 0800 090 3256 to discuss rates

*There is no maximum limit to the value that you can store with this service but customers should be aware that this solution is unlikely to be cost effective for the storage of most Silver and most smaller individual Gold items. We therefore restrict selection of the storage option to Gold and Silver items with an order value in excess of £2,000. Gift and Jewellery items are also excluded from the Storage Option.