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Are you new to the idea of buying and selling precious metals? Worried that you will be lost in a jungle of technical jargon?

Relax! We have assembled some easy to read articles and notes that will explain the fundamentals of the precious metals markets and provide you with the information that you need to enable you to make relaxed and informed decisions about precious metals.

As you develop your knowledge please feel free to contact us if there is any information that you cannot find or if you have comments that you feel may help other newcomers to precious metals.

Simply click on one of the titles below to access information and help.


what is pamp suisse

Read more about the history of the manufacturers that we sell


Buy Gold or Silver?

Learning Center - Gold or Silver?

Two metals that offer very different investment opportunities


Buy Bars or Coins?

Learning Center - Bars, Coins or Rounds?

Choosing the type of product is an important step


How To Buy

Learning Center - How To Buy

Quick, easy and secure purchases with UKBullion


Home Delivery or Secure Storage?

Learning Center - Delivery or Storage?

Home Storage or Professional Fully Insured Vault?


Capital Gains Tax Free Products

Learning Center - Capital Gains Tax Free

The CGT Implications That You Should See


Pensions & Gold

Learning Center - Pensions & Physical Gold

Considered physical gold for SIPP or SASS pension fund?


Top 10 Gold Products

Learning Center - Top 10 Gold Products on UKBullion

A list of our customers’ favourite Gold Products


Top 10 Silver Products

Learning Center - Top 10 Silver Products on UKBullion

A list of our customers’ favourite Silver Products


Price Charts

Learning Center - Live & Historical Charts

Get informed with live and historic Market Prices


Jargon Buster

Learning Center - Glossary of Terms

With everything from Aliquot to Z (1999 Hallmark)



Learning Center - Articles

Learn more about the bullion world here


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Learning Center - Free eBook Request

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