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Investing in Metalor

Metalor, one of the key global producers of precious metals, is renowned for the quality and security of its bullion. Metalor supplies its metals to various industries, such as jewellers, watchmakers, banks, as well as investors.

Metalor was founded in 1852, in Switzerland, and started operating as a smelter. Over the years, the business grew and diversified its operations and customers, supplying watchmakers, jewellers, banks, industries and private investors all around the world.

In this post we will take a closer look at Metalor, finding out what makes their bullion a good investment. We will look at why the business has such a good reputation, how Metalor achieved its reputation and what makes Metalor’s bullion so secure.

Metalor’s Reputation

Metalor is regarded as one of the best precious metals refineries in the world. It is one of the five referees for the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM).

Based in Switzerland, Metalor follows a rigorous legal process to ensure quality. Metalor undertakes regular precious metal analyses, which are carried out by government assayers as part of Swiss law. This legal framework offers protection to customers and serves as a foundation for Metalor’s quality standards.

Good Delivery Bars

Good Delivery bars are large bullion bars used by banks and international investment markets. They are highly pure bars of silver, gold, platinum and palladium, and they are all of a standard size and weight.

Metalor is a member and mentor of the LBMA and LPPM, which manage the Good Delivery Lists for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. In addition to this, Metalor delivers bars to global investment markets, such as the SGE, COMEX, SBMA and TOCOM.

Metalor’s refineries in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States produce their gold Good Delivery bars. Whereas their Swiss refinery produces their silver, palladium and platinum Good Delivery bars.

Precious Metal Security

In addition to Metalor’s legal and quality standards, Metalor follows strict security measures, too, to prevent fraud and to reassure customers they own genuine Metalor bullion. Metalor operates a rigorous multi-step security process, which uses a range of technologies so that anyone, whether it is clients in the supply chain or end customers, can instantly verify Metalor’s bullion.

Bullion Protect is a new security system being introduced by Metalor and consists of several security measures. The first is a robust seal, which is attached to the bullion, providing a visual reference. A QR code is embedded in the seal so that anyone can verify the legitimacy of the bullion — an app can be downloaded onto a smartphone and used to scan the code, instantly showing the authenticity of the bullion.

Then a verification method using a blinking light or validator works with the seal, which may be used by Metalor, industrial businesses in the supply chain, or by businesses offering verification services. The validator is a card that is placed over the seal, and if the seal is genuine, two square segments of the card will change in colour and brightness.

Bullion Protect applies a special ink, like the ink used in passports, to the bullion, which is later used for identification purposes. The inks do not add any impurity to the gold and burn upon melting.

Metalor Bullion

Metalor produces cast and minted bullion bars. Their cast bars come in weights from 100g to 12.5kg in gold and from 100g to 30kg in silver. Depending on the product bought, purity levels for gold can range from .995 to .9999 and for silver .999 to .9999. Their platinum and palladium products are produced at LPPM standards.

Security plays a key part in the production of Metalor bullion, and every bullion bar comes accompanied with an individual certificate of authenticity. Bars are also stamped with assay information, such as serial codes, branding, purity, etc.

Metalor’s minted gold bars are offered in sizes from 5g to 100g. Bars over the size of 20g are engraved with a unique DataMatrix code and serial code using laser technology. All minted bars come sealed inside a blister pack with a certificate of authenticity. The blister pack helps to protect the gold from damage, to keep the certificate safe, and it is recommended not to break the blister.

We sell a variety of Metalor bullion, from 5g minted bars to 1kg cast bars. We also sell bundles, such as our 25kg bundle of silver cast bars.

Why Metalor Bullion is a Good Investment

Metalor has been operating since 1852. During that time the organisation has grown from being a smelter to an international precious metals business supplying industry, banks and investors all around the world.

Metalor is not only a member of the LBMA and LPPM, but it is one of only five mentors in both associations, meaning that Metalor has a leading role in the international bullion marketplace.

Metalor is introducing more rigorous protection with its Bullion Protect, where a seal with a QR code is applied to the bar, and you can instantly verify the bullion through a downloadable app.

Whether you want to invest in silver or gold, from grams to kilograms, Metalor provides some of the purest bullion in the world at a range of weights and sizes to suit your budget.

Invest in Metalor Bullion

We sell a range of Metalor bullion products. Whether you are looking for cast bars, minted bars or bulk deals, check out our Metalor bullion page to find out more.