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Valcambi, headquartered in Switzerland, is a key player in the precious metals industry. Operating since 1961, Valcambi has grown to become one of the largest gold refiner in the world, processing 1.8 tons of gold per day.

Valcambi refines silver, gold, palladium and platinum into cast and minted bars and coins. They also provide assaying, transportation and storage services.

What sets Valcambi apart from other precious metals businesses is that since its founding, Valcambi has focused solely on precious metals, preventing any possible conflicts of interest.


Valcambi was founded in 1961 as Valori & Cambi by a group of Swiss businessmen. In 1967, the names merged and became Valcambi. Later that year, Credit Suisse bought 50% of Valcambi. Credit Suisse continued buying stakes in the business, until 1980 when Credit Suisse obtained 100% control of Valcambi.

However, this was not the only time Valcambi would be bought outright. In 2003, Valcambi was acquired by European Gold Refineries SA, a subsidiary of Rajesh Exports Ltd, which is the largest gold jewellery manufacturer in the world.


Valcambi offers a wide range of bullion products to suit all needs. Their range comprises armillary coins, cast products, minted bars, CombiBar, bullion grains, round bars, good delivery bars, coins and medals, and semi-finished products.

Their cast bars consist of standard ‘Good Delivery’ bars, which are available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Valcambi also have a unique ‘Good Delivery’ bar titled the Green Gold bar, which uses traceable gold. These particular bars have the company’s Green Gold logo, and the larger bars have GG precede the serial number. Green Gold bars are not only more secure, they reassure fabricators and dealers, who require a guarantee of the gold’s origin.

Their range of minted bars start from 1g and go up to 1000g and are available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. All Valcambi’s minted gold bars have a fineness of 999.9, and their silver bars have a fineness of 999.

In addition to the cast and minted bars, Valcambi sell some uncommon and unique bullion items. First is their Gold CombiBar, which is a rectangular bar composed of 1g pieces. This type of bar is ideal for those who want more control over how much of their gold they want to sell because instead of selling it all at once, like with a typical bullion bar, you can snap a few 1g pieces from the CombiBar and sell only what is necessary.

Second is their gold and silver grain, which is bags of silver and gold available from 5-10kg. This would be of interest to manufacturers who want to smelt the grain and create unique items.

Third are their numismatic coins and medals, in addition to minted coins. Valcambi was the first to create half gram coins in gold and silver for collectors and for numismatic purposes.

Another unusual product is their Round Bars, which are the shape of coins but are imprinted with the same motifs and references used on bullion bars, such as the weight, fineness, and serial number.


All customers have different needs, and these change over time, so Valcambi offers a wide range of services to satisfy their customers’ requirements.

Some customers prefer to have their bullion stored in a secure facility. Due to Valcambi being an independent business, operating solely in precious metal refinery, the bullion stored at their facility is outside the banking system. In addition to this, Valcambi has high-security systems and vaults, all monitored and protected by specialised teams of security personnel.

For anyone who would like to move their bullion to or from Valcambi’s vaults, transport can be arranged. This includes insurance, ground transportation, and a cost structure for predetermined weight ranges.

Valcambi uses a state-of-the-art testing laboratory. All the sampling and testing is undertaken by independent certified precious metal assayers. The laboratory analyses for silver, gold, platinum and 40 other elements. All the information collected is then used to produce a comprehensive assay report for clients.

Valcambi’s refining facilities provide some of the highest purity bullion in the world. They take a range of precious metal sources, such as ore from mining companies, industrial precious metal scraps and recycled gold and silver jewellery, and transform them into beautiful bars of pure bullion. Annually, Valcambi has a refining capacity of 1200 tons for gold and 400 tons for silver.

Since its founding, Valcambi has continually developed its manufacturing, being the first to develop and sell many bullion products:

• 1oz and 1kg minted gold investment bars in 1967
• 1-100 g round minted gold investment bars in 2005
• 0.5 g round minted gold investment bar in 2006

Valcambi also boasts several unique product innovations, such as:

• CombiBar 50g in gold and 100g in silver (2011)
• Armillary coins in gold (2015)


Valcambi has many accreditations, denoting their attention to quality, ethical standards and sustainable management.

In addition to their manufacturing certifications and their accreditations for various exchanges around the world, Valcambi is also recognised for their responsible sourcing of precious metals and their focus on environmental sustainability.

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