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Gold Price Per Gram

At we strive to offer the very best Gold price per gram in the UK, and track the latest market prices with our live data feed, which is updated on our site up to every three minutes. This allows us to keep our prices as low as possible when we sell to you and we raise them as high as possible when we buy from you.

When you sell your Gold Bullion and Gold Coins to us we typically offer a Gold price per gram of up to 100% of spot price for items originally purchased from us. Call our dedicated and professional sales team on 01902 623 256 for the best rates and for more information about our buy back scheme.

Our Scrap Gold price per gram is up to 100% of the spot price. You can sell to us with confidence and get an estimate of the value of your precious items using our Scrap Gold calculator. This gives you a quick and easy way to calculate the price that we will pay you for your scrap Gold and other precious items, based on its fineness and carat.

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