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Storage Fees

Storage fees for VAT Free Silver are waived for 6 months when placing an order of 5 kilos or above. Our standard Low Storage charges of 0.65% +VAT per annum (0.054% + VAT per calendar month) are calculated on the insured value of your items subject to a minimum of just £9 per calendar month including VAT, billed quarterly in arrears, to securely store and insure items up to a value of £13,846.

See our pricing grid below for charges relating to higher values.

Our Storage Charges

Total Value of Holding Quarterly Fee Including VAT Fee per Calendar Month Including VAT
Up to £13,846 £27.00 £9.00
£20,000 £39.00 £13.00
£50,000 £97.50 £32.50
£100,000 £195.00 £65.00

You can add to your holding at any time and will only be charged one monthly fee based on the total value of your holdings. This is calculated on a daily basis over the billing period.

You can submit sell back requests for part or all of your holding using the online storage section of your UKBullion account.

All of the fees and charges published on our website are for indication purposes only. For the most up-to-date rates and fees, please contact our customer service team on 01902 623 256 or email us on [email protected].